Friday, 7 March 2014

New Versions of From Cathedral to Castle!!!

From Cathedral to Castle - 2nd Edition

Sales of my first book have started to increase once again, in part because of the interest shown in Truro and it's history due to a 'Nostalgic' group on a new-known social media

On giving the old work a once over I found many outdated bits and pieces - especially in regard to my personal circumstances!

So in carrying out this review, I have made the page size slightly smaller and cut the number of pages - all to reduce the cost to the customer. Unfortunately, my publisher's costs are quite high so I apologise in advance if the price hasn't dropped by huge amounts!

But, for the first time I have released the book as a more affordable black and white version - so hopefully that will make it more cost effective for many.

I'm still reasonably proud of this work; it was my first after all and although originally published as a First Edition in 2008 the actual research and photography began a good decade before that year.

Available now in tow forms (c) C.H.Stocker - Second Edition 2014

From Cathedral to Castle - (B & W Version)                                                  From Cathedral to Castle - (Colour Version)

Black and White Version - £9.99                                                           Colour Version - £24.99