Thursday, 31 January 2013

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' A Cornish Girl's Transition

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' A Cornish Girl's Transition

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' - a Cornish Girl's Transition Take a dedicated father, add a healthy mixture of gender confusion, mix with two fantastic and understanding children - then you'll have Claire, the focus of this book! Written by the author and detailing her muddled and confused life, this book takes the reader from the conservative world of Cornwall in the 1960's and 1970's to the year 2012 when the author revealed to the world her previously hidden belief that she was definitely a woman! From teenage years spending time dressing secretly as a girl - to the first tenuous occasions stepping out as a female - to the present day where she goes on to work as a woman in her professional capacity as a trained nurse. Sympathise with her and follow her story - as she does her best to fit into a world where stereotypical acceptance (and often condemnation) is still rife!

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