Friday, 7 March 2014

New Versions of From Cathedral to Castle!!!

From Cathedral to Castle - 2nd Edition

Sales of my first book have started to increase once again, in part because of the interest shown in Truro and it's history due to a 'Nostalgic' group on a new-known social media

On giving the old work a once over I found many outdated bits and pieces - especially in regard to my personal circumstances!

So in carrying out this review, I have made the page size slightly smaller and cut the number of pages - all to reduce the cost to the customer. Unfortunately, my publisher's costs are quite high so I apologise in advance if the price hasn't dropped by huge amounts!

But, for the first time I have released the book as a more affordable black and white version - so hopefully that will make it more cost effective for many.

I'm still reasonably proud of this work; it was my first after all and although originally published as a First Edition in 2008 the actual research and photography began a good decade before that year.

Available now in tow forms (c) C.H.Stocker - Second Edition 2014

From Cathedral to Castle - (B & W Version)                                                  From Cathedral to Castle - (Colour Version)

Black and White Version - £9.99                                                           Colour Version - £24.99

Monday, 18 March 2013

The Frantic Four reunite!

The first tour of the 'Frantic Four' since the early 80s!

Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt were joined on stage by their long time roadie and friend Bob Young as they recreated music from 30 years ago!

A never to be repeated tour!

(Apologies for grainy or poorly focused pictures - hard to take a decent piccie when you're playing air guitar!)

(c) C.H.Stocker

Thursday, 31 January 2013

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' A Cornish Girl's Transition

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' A Cornish Girl's Transition

From 'Clive' to 'Claire' - a Cornish Girl's Transition Take a dedicated father, add a healthy mixture of gender confusion, mix with two fantastic and understanding children - then you'll have Claire, the focus of this book! Written by the author and detailing her muddled and confused life, this book takes the reader from the conservative world of Cornwall in the 1960's and 1970's to the year 2012 when the author revealed to the world her previously hidden belief that she was definitely a woman! From teenage years spending time dressing secretly as a girl - to the first tenuous occasions stepping out as a female - to the present day where she goes on to work as a woman in her professional capacity as a trained nurse. Sympathise with her and follow her story - as she does her best to fit into a world where stereotypical acceptance (and often condemnation) is still rife!

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"I told you this was a bad idea....!"

"I told you this was a bad idea....!"

Four old friends, eight days and nights and 154 miles of Cornish Coast Path! This was what faced a group of former school friends loosely called the “Penair Oldies.” Joined by two of their sons in the challenge; the team of six proceeded to walk from Rame Head in south-east Cornwall all the way along on South Cornish Coast to Lands End - 154 miles to the west. Their goal was to raise money to send Joseph Varker to a once in a life-time event in Sweden. This is the long awaited narration of their joint story as seen through the author’s eyes and covers the period of time from training right up until completion at Lands End. Complemented with over 170 photos this story is one of old friends overcoming problems (and general unfitness!) to ensure that their challenge succeeds!

Student Nurse - the First Ten Years

Student Nurse - the First Ten Years

Student Nurse - The First Ten Years. C.H.Stocker faced the problem many people face - essay writing after many years out of school. Contained in this book are nine essays that have obtained pass marks at University Diploma and Degree level. Displayed to aid the student in writing their own essays, this book is an invaluable resource for any new student of nursing.

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From Cathedral To Castle

From Cathedral To Castle - A personal exploration of an ancient Cornish River

"From Cathedral To Castle" is an exploration of the River Fal and its tributaries; told from a personal perspective by an author brought up next to the river. The book covers all the waterways in ten chapters and complemented with over 100 colour photographs and pencil sketches

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